Burning Permit:

This ordinance applies to the requirement for obtaining a verbal burning permit for any fires being set, except for warming of the person or cooking of food.  Before setting a fire, you must get a verbal permit from the Almena Fire Chief, currently Vince Wohlk, at 715-418-1971, and then contact the Barron County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center at 715-537-3106 to let them know of the impending fire.  Any person who violates this ordinance shall be fined no less than $50 plus the cost of the labor to extinguish the fire.

Mail Boxes:

Placement of mail boxes are specified within the Town ordinances.  All mail boxes on Town road right of ways must be mounted on a swinging arm type of post with the lowest part of the assembly 42” above the road and the post at least 2 feet back of the road shoulder.  Any mail boxes that do not meet these requirements may be removed by the Town and billed to the property owner.  For questions about mail box placements, please contact the Town Chairman.


Anyone within the Town of Almena that is putting in a new driveway or modifying an existing driveway must first contact the Town Chairman.  There are specifications that need to be followed and they must be approved by the Town Board.  This includes driveways to a house or field roads.

Almena Township has updated its ATV ordinance to allow all township roads to be ATV trails.  For the complete ordinance click here.

ATV Ordinance:

“Appointing Clerk and Treasurer” Ordinance #02-2021   HERE

Records Access Ordinance #01-2021  Ordinance - Resolution

Logging Ordinance #03-2021 - HERE

Ordinance “No Thru Truck raffic on 1 ½ - 2nd street from HWY 8 to HWY 63 - 04-2021 HERE

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